The MUPIS are advertising media installed in urban furniture elements located in the busiest and most central places of our cities.


Mupis LED are advertisements made with LED modules which allow you to present different types of content, which can be: Images, videos, GIFs.
Initially they were installed in bus shelters taking advantage of the visual impact act and also as an added value of Inter-Telco the mupis can project their content on two faces that are totally independent. The content or advertisement displayed on each screen can be uploaded, modified and updated from a web platform.


Solar mupis are advertising spaces located on the street to put advertising of any kind. This type of mupis is something special since most mupis work with common and current energy, in this case these mupis work with a photovoltaic solar system that is responsible for providing the lighting energy for both the advertising poster and the roof waiting for passengers.The objective of the solar mupis is that in the day the solar panel charges the batteries and at night the lighting is turned on so that the advertising poster is visible and the place of the passengers is illuminated. The system will work 12 hours on and 12 hours off.