Inter-Telco offer Technology solutions with presence in differents countries foundy in 2010

Efficient solutions and intuitive of Location Intelligencen that shows, enrich,and analyze datas.

We're specialist in the implementation of systems for the traffic and the Intelligent Mobilityl in the cities. Develop platforms and architecture for support, store and connect of good way the data and visualize trought of Data Analytics in cloud systems or hybrids.



KRATOSS allows to integrate different sources of information such as excel files, different SQl databases, uncorrelated data sources, information available in social networks and in general sources. That the city owns in order to provide timely information for accurate decision making decisions.

KRATOSS integrates platforms in which information is displayed in real time, allowing the creation of a greener and friendlier future in cities
In order to guide our lives towards sustainability KRATOSS makes use of infrastructure, innovation and technology to reduce energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.