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Licence plate recognition is a solution based in video analisys in real time which allows to identify vehicles on the roads

T & M

Traffic & Mobility is a system which is focus on the analysis of the behavior of the vehicles on the streets in real time.


Audience Report is an important tool for measuring the pedestrian flow on the retail stores or shopping center in real time.

S & M

Security Module is an interesting solution and this application allows to generate virtual borders, do the tracking of people, etc.


Atenea is a platform web for managing in a manner effective the abilities of the employees.


SPS is a solution for giving a priority of transport public vehicles when they are arriving to any traffic light.


Time traveling is a great tool for traffic engineers, because it provide information in real time about how are the roads and streets


Customized Solutions

Early alert system

Biometric Systems

Interpreter protocols

Data Bases



  • alcaldia-client
  • gobernacion-client
  • dapard-client
  • masivo-client
  • medellin-client
  • movilidad-client
  • cacom5-client
  • fac-client
  • globalrotor
  • udea-client
  • udem-client
  • full screen slider
  • xm-client

Defense Sector

Inter-Telco has a department of Defense Sector and given the ability to research and innovative ideas to support the armed forces of our nation, therefore we have a strong alliance with the Colombian Air Force, developing important projects such as the monitoring system of air traffic HORUS, secure information exchange geo-referenced CONDOR, and others, that have allowed to evolve, providing security and reliability with air traffic control operations.


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